• Sarah Hansmann Rouxel

Walk the walk not just talk the talk on the Environment

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

After the Stand-Up for Guernsey's Environment Hustings last week, the organisers sent all candidates a questionnaire about the key topics of Climate Change, Biodiversity and Climate Equity. Whilst filling in the questions, I couldn't help but feel hypocritical.

Talking the talk but an election campaign doesn't walk the walk. (Printing 1000's of manifestos, plastic posters and a host of other unsustainable practices)

I got to thinking about planning and how they require 'waste management plans' for developments. This requires developers to look at their waste management of inert waste and other recyclables in order to make the process more sustainable.

What if there was a Climate Change/Sustainability Election Plan for candidates to help them reduce their carbon footprint?

I looked at the 'Emissions Hierarchy' which we adopted as part of the Climate Change Action Plan ( )

If I adopt that and make campaign decisions through that prism, it's a start.

  • Avoid - Can I avoid printing? Posters/ manifestos? (design a campaign which works in a different way - more online) if I can't avoid altogether - can I -

  • Reduce - can I reduce the number of things printed (work together with other deputies combined manifesto, do I need 100 posters or just 5 big ones in high traffic places) Can I reduce the footprint in the methods they are printed? (eg by using recycled paper etc)

  • Replace - Can I reuse some of the old campaign material.

  • Offset - Finally for any carbon footprint that I have not avoided - offset by contributing to a local or development offsetting project.

After the election is done a plan to deal with the recycling and reuse of as many of the materials as possible.

After-all we don't need a few people doing things perfectly, we need a lot of people doing what they can to make a difference.

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